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We're Creative

We’re confident about our work. Our teams are experienced and skilled. We display creativity in a constructive light.

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Our paving experts run a lean, effective business that will do the task quickly and neatly.

We’re Professional

We establish connections with our customers and suppliers that are mutually beneficial. We build and create solutions. We are honest.

We’re Passionate

We set the stage for the industry. We aim for effective communication. We provide the industry’s top goods. We are accessible, disciplined, and skilled.

Fast Fluid Service

Our aim is to create, maintain, or restore your parking lots, driveways, walkways, and patios while keeping the cost within your limits.

Quality Craftsmanship

We do things right by exceeding and fulfilling expectations. We stick to our promises. We take our time to complete tasks correctly the first time.

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The installation of Petromat fabric occurs during an asphalt overlay. By establishing a waterproof coating between the new and old surfaces, the fabric helps in prolonging the lifespan of the overlay.

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Sealcoating & Line Stripping

The most essential factor of your parking lot’s care, apart from how beautiful it looks, is the seal coating. To assist shield the asphalt from the everyday damaging elements, a seal coat is put over it.

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If you own a driveway or parking lot that is made of paved asphalt, it might eventually degrade from years of usage and start to exhibit cracks or holes.

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Cups of Coffee

Our Team

We are a team of skilled, experienced paving professionals who offer the type of work you would expect when hiring a company.

The bottom line is that we respect our relationships with clients and take great pleasure in the work we do. Every project is supported by our stellar reputation. Our team of experts is reliable and skilled at finishing the sort of job you want within your budget and specified time limit. Our company’s fundamental principles:

Our Process

We ensure high-quality projects with attention to hidden elements like site preparation, drainage, irrigation, and more, backing it up with a lifetime warranty. Our responsive client communication and skilled design team collaborate to bring your ideas to life with pride and enthusiasm.

Our Service

A “One-Stop Shop, for all your asphalt requirements,” Advanced Paving & Masonry provides a wide range of asphalt materials. The biggest owned, self-performing asphalt maintenance company in Pennsylvania is Advanced Paving & Masonry. We are a pioneer in the asphalt paving and maintenance sector because of our continuous dedication to quality and service.

Our Projects

Our projects range in size from modest individual work to huge government projects, from driveways and parking lots to state and federal highways.

For consumers in the residential, commercial, municipal, and public sectors, we provide a wide range of services. We are eager to meet all of your asphalt needs.

Our Value

Using our advanced technologies and our understanding of your business needs, we demonstrate value. By engaging you in the problem-solving process and providing relevant questions, we are able to come up with the best potential answer for your home.

First, we attempt to understand the task from your perspective. We provide professional, respectful, and quality services to all of our customers.

Our Goal

For all your paving requirements, you can rely on the experts at Advanced Paving & Masonry. We have everything we need to handle all of your paving needs.

For all of your paving needs, turn to Advanced Paving & Masonry, a family-owned business with years of expertise. You’ll be glad to know that we only use the best equipment for all of our work. We offer the ideal resolution to your problem.

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