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Advanced Paving and Masonry is a family-run company for more than 40 years. Our business has been providing high-quality paving and masonry services to both residential and commercial customers in Pennsylvania. We are able to construct everything, from driveways to patios, thanks to our skilled and dedicated team of professionals. We also provide full-service maintenance for already-installed systems, and we are fully capable of resolving any issues that may crop up during this time. We are incredibly proud of the long-lasting relationships that we have developed with each and every one of our customers over the course of our many years in business.
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What We Offer

We're Creative

We’re really confident about our work. Our teams are experienced and skilled. We display creativity in a really constructive light.

Excellent Services

Our paving experts run a lean, effective business that will do the task quickly and neatly.

We’re Professional

We establish connections with our customers and suppliers that are mutually beneficial. We build and create solutions. We are honest.

We’re Passionate

We set the stage for the industry. We aim for effective communication. We provide the industry’s top goods. We are accessible, disciplined, and skilled.

Fast Fluid Service

Our aim is to create, maintain, or restore your parking lots, driveways, walkways, and patios while keeping the cost within your limits.

Quality Craftsmanship

We do things right by exceeding and fulfilling expectations. We stick to our promises. We take our time to complete tasks correctly the first time.

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